Preparatory actions

• A1. State of the art in ceramic waste management at national & European level

• A2. Determination of technical and environmental key parameters of existing products for urban paving

Implementation actions

• B1. Characterization of ceramic and non ceramic residues

• B2. Body composition preparation process. Definition of the pre-treatment, type of dry milling and final particle size for each waste. Initial lay-out of the process.

• B3. Body and glaze compositions. Adjust the waste containing compositions and define the process variables for the whole manufacturing process.

• B4. Industrial trials. Scaling-up the laboratory results to the industry. Create and characterize prototypes.

• B5. Technical and environmental assessment of the new product

Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

• C1. Effectiveness of the Project actions. Measure the effectiveness of the project implementation actions as compared to the initial situation, the objectives and expected results. Specific indicators will be set by the management team.

• C2. Assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project. Assess the economic cost of the proposed solution and the benefits due to the waste recycled.

 Communication and dissemination actions

• D1. Project website. It will be design as a tool to raise the profile of the proposed LIFE+ project and improve the dissemination of its activities to a wide range of stakeholders.

• D2. Notice boards and layman´s report. Beneficiaries shall maintain notice boards describing the project at the locations where it is implemented and at strategic places accessible and visible to the pubic (showrooms, trade fairs, …)

• D3. Beyond the consortium. Apart from media work and technical publications project results will be disseminate in other ceramic European clusters (Aveiro in Portugal and Modena in Italy) as well as in other ceramic tile European producers.

Project management

• E1. Day to day management

• E2 Networking with other projects

• E3. After-LIFE communication Plan