Newsletter 6: Industrial trials

Download PDF file 6/23/2016: Industrial trials demonstrate that LIFECERAM tiles, obtained from
ceramic waste, are appropriate for outdoor use

Newsletter 5: Body and Glaze compositions

Download PDF file 3/29/2016: Lifeceram successfully formulates a body and a glaze composition for
urban flooring entirely made up of ceramic wastes

Newsletter 4: Results on Actions B2 and B3

Download PDF file 12/22/2015:

Lifeceram designs a highly sustainable ceramic tile body preparation processĀ 

Newsletter 3: Results on Actions B1

Download PDF file 6/9/2015: Waste generation in the ceramics manufacturing process

Newsletter 2: Results on Actions A2

Download PDF file 2/16/2015: What key requirements must urban flooring products meet?

Newsletter 1: Results on Actions A1

Download PDF file 11/4/2014: The ceramic industry approaches zero waste: only 9% of the non-hazardous wastes generated in the manufacturing process goes to landfills.